Preserving the Promise: 

Improving the Culture of Biotech Investment



Written by an Angel investor and a Biotech founder, Preserving the Promise examines why so many important medical discoveries never reach the clinic, and offers practical alternatives for improving the development process:

  • Explains why translation of biotech discovery into medicine succeeds so infrequently that it’s been dubbed the Valley of Death.

  • Uncovers specific decision-making strategies that more effectively align incentives, improving clinical and financial outcomes for investors, inventor/entrepreneurs, and patients.
  • Examines the critical, early stages of commercialization, where technology transfer offices and Angels act as gatekeepers to development, and where tension between short-term financial and long-term clinical aspirations sinks important technologies.
  • Deconstructs the forces driving biotech, recasts them in a proven conceptual framework, and offers practical guidance for making the system better.

Written for Entrepreneurs, Angels and seed-stage investors, technology transfer officers, academic researchers, pharma/biotech and med device professionals, business developers, economic development and public policy specialists, and all others with a professional or personal stake in human health.

Preserving the Promise offers a unique, original perspective on how to succeed in getting new drugs and therapies to the clinic.